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If you use an etching primer you must make sure it is properly cured before using filler. Otherwise, the phosphoric acid vapors left over from the application of paint can slow down the cure of the filler resin. Grind the primer off with 36 grit and feather around it with a d.a. Sander with 80 grit and you will be fine you dont ever put filler over primer, sealer etc.! davis574ord , Mar 14, 2010 SHARE POST #12Mix up your epoxy and reduce it 50% with 870 reducer ans spray two light coats before paint. Tip for you - sanding the DP epoxy primer can be a problem as it tries to ball up a little on your sand paper. If you need to scuff over any dirt balls, runs etc prior to painting use some wax and grease remover instead of water to wet sand with. Assuring A Proper Repair When Welding Vehicle Sheet Metal Any weld that is performed on a vehicle requires certain steps to assure a proper repair. For example, weld-through-primer must be applied to the welded surface being welded; corrosion protection must be applied to the back side of the welded area, etc. In this article we are going to discuss why fiberglass is required for auto body repair.